Study Published in Nature Digital Medicine Shows Potential of Machine Learning and Augmented Reality-based Digital Biomarkers in Alzheimer’s Detection

A New and Immersive Medical Device for Cognitive Assessment Testing

Altoida’s medical device for cognitive assessment measures brain health in 10 minutes with a battery of immersive augmented reality (AR) activities.


Through a set of tasks that simulate activities of daily living, Altoida’s software medical device for cognitive assessment puts personalized and actionable brain health measurements in the hands of patients, providers, and researchers.

Cognitive Assessment Device Features

Immersive AR
Altoida’s game-like AR and digital motor activities simulate complex activities of daily living.
10 Minutes
Altoida’s activity battery is designed to be completed in only 10 minutes.
Any Location
Altoida’s cognitive assessment activities can be completed from the comfort of your own home.

Benefits of Early and Continuous Brain Monitoring

When given access to better tools to regularly monitor brain health and diagnose neurological diseases in their beginning stages, individuals can benefit from an earlier understanding and more management options. Early diagnosis can enable early intervention.


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Together We Can Revolutionize Brain Health

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