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At Altoida, we're radically changing the standard for managing brain health and neurological disease. We’re pioneering precision neurology technology to enable more accessible, accurate, and effective diagnosis and monitoring right on your smartphone or tablet.

Shifting the brain health landscape

More than 50 million people worldwide are living with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Effectively managing neurological disease begins with early diagnosis and accurate measurement of brain health—but historical tools haven’t enabled us to do so.

limits of pen and paper
cognitive function tests

Results can be highly variable day-to-day and are not granular enough to effectively monitor change over time.

Imaging & CSF lumbar punctures

Relying solely on expensive and invasive procedures is not scalable to meet the growing need for early diagnosis.

Altoida is building the precision neurology platform to revolutionize brain health globally. Our platform provides the most sensitive, accurate, and efficient brain health assessment and monitoring and will pioneer fully digital predictive neurological disease diagnosis.

10-Minute Activity Set

Immersive augmented reality and motor activities simulate complex real-world tasks to collect the most ecologically valid data right from your personal device.  

800 Digital Biomarkers

Nearly 800 digital biomarkers measured using the smartphone or tablet's sensors to show actionable scores across 11 neurocognitive domains.  

AI-Driven Prediction

The world's first fully digital prediction of conversion from mild cognitive impairment to neurological diseases, like Alzheimer's, using artificial intelligence.  

To learn more about how Altoida can help you manage neurological disease at scale and take charge of your own brain health, contact us today.


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To learn more about how Altoida is building the precision neurology platform to power early Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis and personalized brain analysis, contact us.

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