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We’re pioneering precision neurology by building the world's leading platform for reliable, accessible, affordable diagnosis and monitoring of neurological diseases.

Our Story

“My grandmother was born in a small village in Greece. When she was 70 and I was pursuing my degree in psychology, she started to repeat her own words. Soon after, she started to become lost in her home, the place that she loved most. In the later stages of what we knew to be Alzheimer’s, she started to forget my father’s face. What struck me most was how in the early stages, I was able to recognize that something was wrong, yet she passed all of the traditional cognitive exams with ease.

This drove me to engineer a virtual environment to assess the changes in brain health, both cognitive and functional, that I observed firsthand with my grandmother. I learned that exercises in a virtual environment open up an entirely new horizon of more meaningful measurements and data that can be acquired. From there, we spent 20 years of research to bring us to where we are today.”

- Ioannis Tarnanas, Ph.D. - Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer (CSO)

Our Growth

Early Scientific Research

Active digital biomarkers provide a new understanding of neurocognitive function.


First Validation Study

Five-year study on Altoida's simulation of ADL's to predict Alzheimer's conversions.

Nov 2015

EIT Innovators Award

Dr. Tarnanas presents Altoida at TedX in Zurich; goes on to win EIT Innovators Award 2018.

Oct 2018

Second Validation Study

Four-year study validating Altoida's 94% diagnostic accuracy for AD.

Dec 2020

Nature Publication

Critical publication shows Altoida is the most sensitive measurement device.

June 2021

FDA Breakthrough

Altoida's Breakthrough designation pioneers Precision Neurology.

July 2021

Revolutionizing Brain Health

Today, our augmented reality platform delivers robust measurements of cognitive and functional brain health across 13 unique neurocognitive domains. Tomorrow, our platform and innovative artificial intelligence will power early Alzheimer’s disease identification.
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At Altoida, you will work with the world’s most passionate engineers and scientists with one common goal—creating a product that provides better brain health for all. We are always looking for innovative, out-of-the-box thinkers to join our diverse and collaborative team. 

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Our Altoida family is united by 5 core principles:
We are data-first: Data isn’t a buzzword to us; it’s at the core of our technology and in the DNA of our decision-making processes.
We are relentless: We know the impact our work will have on the world and are in pursuit of extremely lofty goals—we don't settle at “good enough.”
We are innovative: Our founders, executives, and early team members are united by a love of thinking differently and seeing groundbreaking ideas come to life.
We are thoughtful: From the way we treat each other to the way we unpack tough problems, we are considerate, respectful, and holistic.
We are adaptive: In a high-tech world, nothing is set in stone—we recognize and embrace that in our strategy and culture.

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At Altoida, we provide digital biomarker technology that allows you to understand your brain health early to take the right next steps. Connect with our team today.

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