Study Published in Nature Digital Medicine Shows Potential of Machine Learning and Augmented Reality-based Digital Biomarkers in Alzheimer’s Detection

Emerging Medical Device To Assess Neurocognitive Function

Precision Neurology Medical Device to Assess Neurocognitive Function

Altoida is radically changing the standard for measuring and monitoring brain health. Our Precision Neurology platform and app-based medical device assess neurocognitive function to provide easily accessible assessment and monitoring in the most effective and accurate way possible.

Disrupting the Method for Assessing Brain Health

Traditionally, neurocognitive function is assessed through pencil and paper tests, such as the MMSE and MoCA, which have significant limitations for research and drug discovery applications. Traditional tools are designed to be utilized as cross-sectional screening tools and thus lack the infrastructure for monitoring subtle changes in neurocognitive function over time within an individual and across a large population.

a new gold standard in brain health

Altoida’s app-based Precision Neurology device and web-based platform provide a new, robust method for longitudinal measurement and analysis of cognitive and functional aspects of brain health.

By engaging in a 10-minute series of augmented reality and motor activities designed to simulate complex Activities of Daily Living, Altoida transforms any smartphone or tablet into the world’s most powerful medical device to assess neurocognitive function.

While users complete the digital activities, Altoida’s Precision Neurology device collects and analyzes nearly 800 digital biomarkers—proven to be clinically significant through over 20 years of scientific research—that map to 13 neurocognitive domains.

Neurocognitive Domain Scores

By measuring both cognitive and functional digital biomarkers across 13 neurocognitive domains, Altoida’s device can be utilized to measure and monitor minute changes in neurocognitive function over time, enabling a comprehensive understanding of brain health. Through the collection of highly granular data from integrated smartphone or tablet sensors, Altoida’s device assesses the following neurocognitive domains:

Perceptual-motor coordination
Complex attention
Visual perception
Prospective memory
Spatial memory
Cognitive processing speed
Eye movement
Speech and articulation
Fine motor coordination

Monitoring Brain Health at a Population Level

Altoida’s web-based platform will allow researchers and clinical stakeholders to manage and monitor populations. Patient data from Altoida’s tests and other health data, such as prescriptions and existing conditions, will be available in the platform and can be observed over time to reveal trends and patterns while flagging concerning ones.

Diagnosis of Neurological Diseases

After Altoida’s recent Breakthrough Device designation, our innovative method for assessing brain health, paired with our artificial intelligence, will allow us to provide a hyper-personalized predictive score. This score will enable a highly accurate prediction of whether an individual aged 55 and older will or will not convert from Mild Cognitive Impairment to Alzheimer’s disease.

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