Study Published in Nature Digital Medicine Shows Potential of Machine Learning and Augmented Reality-based Digital Biomarkers in Alzheimer’s Detection

Meet the World’s Leading Digital Cognitive Assessment Tool

At Altoida, we believe that understanding your brain health should be simple and accessible. For more than two decades, we have partnered with global industry leaders to research and develop what we believe will be the most powerful and comprehensive digital cognitive assessment tool in the world.

Altoida’s Science Today

Currently, Altoida's science provides a powerful measurement tool for brain function. Our platform incorporates a unique battery of iOS- and Android-based augmented reality (AR) and motor activities that are designed to be completed in 10 minutes on any smartphone or tablet. Our digital cognitive assessment tool features AR activities that feel more like games versus old-school pencil and paper memory tests. The combination of cognitive and functional digital biomarkers provides robust measurements of brain function across 13 unique neurocognitive domains.

The AR Experience

Three game-like activities are used to generate a personalized patient Digital Neuro Signature™:
Spacial Memory
Through our “hide-and-seek” activity, users hide three virtual items in their environments using their smart devices and then relocate the items in a randomized order.
Prospective Memory
In our “fire evacuation drill” activity, users identify virtual tools needed to simulate a fire drill by first learning the tools in a specific order.

Executive Functions
Using our “dual-task condition” activity, users navigate from start to finish using virtual tools in their environment while responding to dynamic sounds on their smart devices when prompted.

The Future of Altoida’s Digital Cognitive Assessment Tool

In the future, our digital cognitive assessment tool—fueled by our innovative AI capabilities—will be used for predictive diagnosis of neurological diseases. Our science will open the door to make predictions regarding the risk of conversion from mild cognitive impairment to Alzheimer’s disease through our robust measurements.

Fast forward a few years, and we hope to use our science to predict the onset of a wide range of neurological diseases to support a breadth of diagnoses. Our goal is to radically change the method for assessing and diagnosing neurological disease from traditional invasive and expensive methods, such as amyloid PET scans and spinal taps, to our digital platform.
To learn more about how Altoida is working to develop a digital cognitive assessment tool to assess brain health and diagnose neurological diseases, contact us today.