Altoida in the News - SRF Swiss National TV – June 18. 2018

Altoida – A Swiss Success Story
Eight out of ten start-ups remain financially unsuccessful – a big risk for investors

Every year, around 400 start-up companies in the medical sector come on the market. Only about 40 of them are really interesting for Investors like Arnd Kaltofen with VI Partners AG.

Finally, only about 10 percent of these companies actually get financing. One of the few start-ups that has made this step is Altoida Inc.

A stroke of luck for investment manager Arnd Kaltofen: “At Altoida I am absolutely convinced that the company has enormous potential for a major success in the market. We have therefore decided to participate in a second financing round after a start-up financing”.

This company has developed an app for the early detection of high-risk patients with Alzheimer’s disease. The doctors receive conclusions on a possible risk to their patients, including fine-motor tests that are performed on a tablet or a smartphone. This allows them to take timely preventive measures against the disease.

The clinic Hirslanden in Zurich now wants to integrate this app into a health check. Also in the US, the app is about to launch the market.

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