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Early detection of Alzheimer’s is key and leads to better outcomes, only 16% of seniors today receive regular assessments in the US and this situation becomes more critical as we look at other geographic regions

Early detection of Alzheimer’s is key and leads to better outcomes, only 16% of seniors today receive regular assessments in the US and this situation becomes more critical as we look at other geographic regions

Long Term Cost Reduction Imperative – Alzheimer’s Disease generates catastrophic healthcare, economic, and social impacts—impacts are rapidly growing

Financially Ruinous – For families, caregivers, insurance companies and society at large, AD can be emotionally and financially ruinous

Prevention is Key – Alzheimer’s often starts 5, 10, or even 20 years before symptoms appear

By 2025 people 65+ with Alzheimer’s are projected to increase 30%



Current Diagnosis Methods Result in Urgent Need


Introduce human bias

Not scalable

Don't offer very early detection


Require continuous monitoring


Prevention is a True Win for your Organization, the Patients & Families

  • Targeting Insurance collaboration
  • Initiative for early assessment
  • Prevention
  • Delayed Onset
  • Cost reduction of care
can be saved by early screening for mild cognitive impairment per patient
1 in 3
Dementia cases preventable
is the estimated lifetime cost of care for one individual living with dementia

Global Collaboration Initiative

Targeting our global collaboration initiative with Insurance Companies for healthy population, cognitive unimpaired individuals at risk of MCI due to AD, which we can identify using our medical device (Altoida NMI), as well as other predictive methods, we are aiming at as significant reduction in cost and incident rates of cognitive decline

Past the Status Quo

Advancing past the status quo, Altoida is measuring activities of daily living (iADL) with smartphone sensors to extract real world evidence as our prognostic and diagnostic digital biomarker. Tapping into this pre-symptomatic data will empower all stakeholders in the Alzheimer’s ecosystem to work very close towards developing an adequate treatment and cure, of this devastating disease

Transforming Healthcare

Artificial intelligence (AI)- and machine learning (ML)-based technologies have the potential to transform healthcare by deriving new and important insights from the vast amount of data generated during the delivery of healthcare every day. One of the greatest benefits of AI/ML in software resides in its ability to learn from real-world use and its capability to improve its performance

Scientific Validation

Our accurate technology analyzes visuospatial and executive function during complex activities of daily living through a battery of three tests that ask patients to hide and seek virtual objects in a physical space. We have validated our platform and methodology in more than 12 peer-reviewed journal publications and in more than 200 independent studies

The Future - Digital Biomarkers

We strongly believe digital biomarkers are the future of early detection and will lead to earlier diagnosis, prevention and better treatments for a wide range of brain diseases. Altoida is focused on deepening the understanding of brain health, which will have a transformative impact on medicine and society

Detecting Brain Changes Early

Altoida’s digital biomarkers harness advances in technology to detect brain changes early in the disease process, helping to accelerate early diagnosis for better clinical outcomes and delay of disease onset. Using an iPad or a Tablet accelerometer, gyroscope and touch screen sensors, Altoida is able to detect “micro-errors” as both a prognostic and diagnostic digital biomarker. Result is that medical professionals are able to detect Alzheimer’s in patients 62+ years old between six and ten years prior to the onset of symptoms – and before irreversible damage occurs


Prevent and Manage Disease

New Era - AI

Altoida is at the forefront of a new era to leverage Machine Learning & AI Technology to measure cognition.


Building the world’s most Comprehensive and Scalable Brain Health Data Platform

Risk reduction of cognitive decline and dementia according to newest WHO Guidelines

World Health Organization, 2019

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