Altoida NMI - Bringing Brain Health Assessment to the Next Level

Altoida NMI Assessment - Get Started

Altoida NMI - Bringing Brain Health Assessment to the Next Level

Altoida NMI Assessment - Get Started

Why Altoida NMI for cognitive decline

Early screening




Monitoring cognition through evaluating perceptual and memory function in individuals at risk or with Mild Cognitive Impairment/Prodromal Alzheimer’s Disease

  • Patient Measurement 7-10min
  • Real time access to full patient report
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  • Web-Based secure dashboard
  • HIPAA compliant

After each usage, our Machine Learning (ML) – based Digital Biomarkers platform delivers a detailed report of our proprietary 250 features from everyday function, organized per cognitive domain for easy translation into everyday practice:

  • Disease related outcomes
  • Clinical trial endpoints

Most importantly the clinical management has the ability to track any combination of those individual features in time, thus creating a very sensitive, ecologically valid and continuous assessment of everyday function, in the most realistic and scalable way possible today

Approved medical device – FDA cleared and CE Marked

Altoida offers healthcare professionals a proven way to objectively assess cognitive and everyday functions, in the most ecologically valid way, prior to the onset of symptoms. The company’s FDA cleared, and CE Mark-approved medical device leverages the latest advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Augmented Reality (AR) to detect early & subtle micro-errors (accuracy) and micro-movements (latency) during everyday function, up to 10 years prior to the onset of typical neurodegenerative symptoms, e.g. symptomatic Alzheimer’s Disease.

Our cutting-edge technology analyzes visuospatial and executive function during complex activities of daily living through a battery of three tests that ask patients to hide and seek virtual objects in a physical space. We have validated its platform and methodology in more than 12 peer-reviewed journal publications and in more than 200 independent studies, and is currently being used in clinics across the US, Europe and Brazil

Altoida’s digital biomarkers harness advances in technology to detect brain changes early in the disease process, helping to accelerate early diagnosis for better clinical outcomes. Using an iPad or a Tablet accelerometer, gyroscope and touch screen sensors, Altoida is able to detect “micro-errors” as both a prognostic and diagnostic digital biomarker.  The result is that medical professionals are able to detect Alzheimer’s Disease in patients 62+ years old between six and ten years prior to the onset of symptoms – and before irreversible damage occurs

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